Here is  what some of my clients have said about me:

I travelled with Marek on 2 of his 5 day workshops to Moravia, in 2014 & again in 2015.
Both were hugely enjoyable , and Marek as well as being an excellent tutor knew all the best locations to bring us to.
We worked from dawn to dusk , with break for refreshments throughout the day.
Marek is a warm and engaging person , and ensured that each and every one of us were happy with our images and comfortable throughout the trip . He paid close attention to all the finer details as well. Our beautiful accommodation & great local cuisine all added to the overall enjoyment of the trip.
Top marks from me , 10/10 and I can highly recommend Marek’s workshops from photographers of all levels.

Eimhear Collins
Eimhear Collins Photography

I went on a workshop with Marek to Moravia in the Czech Republic. It was an amazing trip providing some amazing and different landscape photography locations. Marek was a great leader organising everything and providing a wealth of local knowledge and all the best locations! The trip was great craic and the food and drink were awesome too!

Bryan Hanna
Bryan Hanna Photography

I was with Marek on last years (2016) trip to Moravia in the Czech Republic and had such an enjoyable time that I am going back on this years workshop to the same location. From the time Marek picked us up in Prague we all felt confident and at ease the way Marek handled everything. Mareks knowledge of the region was excellent, his photography skills were exceptional, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and above all had a blast.

Raymond Lynch

I attended one of Mareks workshops to Moravia in the Czech Republic. The whole trip and workshop was a wonderful and memorable trip. Marek made sure we had every opportunity to capture images of stunning locations, which he has great knowledge of. He was on hand to give advice and help all weekend. It was also a very enjoyable trip full of laughs, new friends and great memories. I would highly recommend any of Mareks workshops.

Anne Costello

Having attended Marek’s workshop in Moravia I’m delighted to recommend him as a host if you want to improve your photography.

Marek’s skill behind the camera and enthusiasm for sharing that skill helped to improve our photographing techniques.
His knowledge of locations and changing light conditions from sunrise and sunset ensured we were always in the right place at the right time.
All in all a very worthwhile experience.

John Halligan

I’ve travelled with Marek on one of his trips to Lofoten in Norway. It was March and we had bad weather but Marek was excellent at finding numerous opportunities to get great images despite the poor weather. He made the best of the limited opportunities there were based purely on his excellent knowledge of the area and his weather forecasting skills! I would highly recommend his workshops and have already booked another one with him 🙂

Mike Pilkington

I’ve been on 2 trips away with Marek,Moravia , Czech Republic and Norway.I hope to go on others.If you wish to bring your photography to another level this is the way to go.Apart from an enjoyable experience you will spend an incredible time ” chasing the light ” and will end up images that you will be proud to show.Marek has put in the hard work sourcing locations you would not normally get to.You will learn more about your camera and photoshop.Afterwards you’ll also have the memories.Charlie O’Neill Swords Viewfinders

Charlie O'Neill

I travelled with Marek to South Moravia, Czech Republic in 2017. Marek had an excellent knowledge of the area and various locations. He had been recommended to me by previous participants. I found Marek to be most helpful, courteous and very enthusiastic . Nothing was too much trouble for him- he was such a gent ! I would have no hesitation in recommending a Marek photography course !! 😊

Helen black

I travelled with Marek to South Moravia in April 2015. The landscape is beautiful, with lots of rolling hills and beautiful colours. Marek arranged a packed itinerary, bringing us to a range of different locations from dawn to dusk, while giving advice on composition, use of filters, etc., as appropriate. It was also good fun. I’d highly recommend travelling to Souh Moravia with a Marek for a unique photography experience.

Olive Gaughan

I travelled to Moravia in the southern Czech Republic with 5 others in a group led by Marek in September 2015. He helped to make the trip a very memorable experience – he knows all of the best places to shoot, plus the best times to do so, even if it did mean some very early starts! I learned more from Marek about how to get the right light in those few days than I’d learned in the previous 5 years, since I first took up photography.
Marek’s local knowledge, his willingness to share his photography knowledge and expertise, plus his easygoing manner helped us all to have a really great time. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Marek’s photography trips to anyone considering travelling with him.

Sean Griffin

I was lucky enough to go on my first ever weekend workshop with Marek to the Antrim Coast. We had a great experience. Marek had every detail of the workshop extensively researched . His patience with a very novice landscape photographer was endless and I learnt so much from him. Transport was sorted . Locations were so well known and we had a truly enjoyable and educational weekend.
Thanks Marek.
Berni Murphy

Bernadette Murphy

I travelled with Marek to Moravia in 2017. Great trip. Marek was very familiar with unique landscape of the area and ensured we had numerous locations to visit while making the most of the light conditions. At every location he was on hand to advise and help as needed ensuring that we got the best images we could. We were busy from dawn to dusk and ended each day with some fine local cuisine. As regards our accommodation and transport, all was very comfortable and well organised. Marek is very considerate person and made sure that everyone felt part of the trip.

Ita Boyle

I travelled with Marek to Moravia in spring 2015. It was an amazing trip with stunning locations… as well as having great fun, one of my favourite photos was taken on this trip…. highly recommend.

Janet Wippell

I traveled to Moravia in the southern Czech Republic this year with Marek. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip from beginning to end. Thanks to Marek and his expert knowledge of the area, I seen some of the most unique and beautiful landscape i’d ever seen. Marek was always willing to help with any photography questions i had, was always willing to share his vast knowledge with the group and nothing was ever too much trouble for him. We visited a diverse range of locations and were always on the go. All in all it was a great experience and i’m looking forward to the next trip!

Lisa Fitzgerald

I have been lucky enough to have experienced 2 of Marek’s workshops, one to the Antrim Coast and one to Norway in March 2017 and I am booked on another one to Tuscany this coming September. Im very impressed with the extent of his research in advance of the trips. His knowledge of the locations coupled with his knowledge of ever changing weather conditions was just fantastic and we were always chasing the light to be in the best possible spot for every shoot. Even though on both these trips the weather was not very favourable we still got amazing shots and not forgetting the craic and the great memories and the friends we made on the trips. I would highly recommend his workshops and I feel they are very good value for money. Marek is very easy to get on and he pays great attention to out comfort and safety at all times.
I will return to Norway with Marek again in the future.

Ita Martin
Malahide Camera Club

I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced two seasons in Lofoten with Marek. March and October. It was beautiful on both occasions. Marek is a brilliant photographer. Even though I am quite experienced I learned alot from him. He shows the advantages of getting it right in camera and then using simple processing to enhance your image. He is very open with his knowledge and is incredibly enthusiastic. He does all his research so knows his locations like the back of his hands. He has a great sense of humour and always goes that extra mile for his clients. He is very professional and organised. You meet great people on his tours. You will come back from any tour with Marek as a much better photographer.

Fergal O'Callaghan

I travelled with Marek to Lofoten Norway in October 17 and come home with some amazing photos and memories of this beautiful place thanks in part to the skill and knowledge of Marek. He knows just exactly where to go whatever the weather (where I would have given up because of the weather he found something) he has a real eye for a photograph and willing to share this knowledge not only in finding and taking pictures but also processing them as well.

David Hamilton

I have just returned from Norway where I attended Marek’s Northern Lights trip. I was a bit apprehensive before going as I did not know anyone but was soon put at ease by Marek’s easy, friendly manner and soon got to know everyone. To say everything was organised to a tee is an understatement yet everything was flexible enough to take advantage or good weather and do some editing when bad.
Marek has great local knowledge and has us going to many places off the beaten track and went to great lengths to ensure we all had help if needed.
Overall it was a wonderful experience and I have a couple of items ticked off my bucket list too 🙂

Marek – wishing you all the best and THANK YOU.

Aoife Tierney

I travelled to Lofoten this March 2018 to participate in Mareks landscape workshop. It surpassed my expectations.

Mareks knowledge of the area meant that we got to shoot at the ideal location for that particular time of the day so we always managed to get the best of the light.

One of the main differences I found with Mareks workshop vs others I have attended is that he does not hold back or hide any of the processing techniques.

We covered a lot of ground and had great craic aurora hunting and I would have no hesitation in recommending Marek to anyone looking to improve or learn photography in great locations.

Mark Stewart

Lofoten, March 2018. What an experience. This was a full on week chasing the light, finding the best location, catering to everybody’s needs and Marek made it all seem so easy. This surpassed my expectations. It was only when i arrived home I realised how little sleep I had. If it was not out for the best of sunrise shots it was processing, then out for the sunset followed by a few hours chasing the Northern Lights and learning something new with each experience.
Marek had everything planned to perfection, from the accommodation to the locations which were spectacular. There was great variety every day.
Thanks to Marek’s local knowledge there was not a wasted moment and the technical advise, freely given, was invaluable.

Marek, many thanks.

Frank Murray

I have just come back from a 5 day photography trip to Moravia April 2018 and what an experience!! It totally superseded my expectations thanks to Marek and his superb knowledge of the area, his excellent photography experience/skills, which he shared unreservedly, not to mention the editing/processing skills he passed on. In the five days we managed to cover landscape, wildlife, action shots, architecture and street photography. Marek’s passion for the area shone through with each day we were there and his help with the language barrier was a blessing. Our group got on fantastic and I had a sore tummy from laughing so much. I would highly recommend Marek and I am already thinking/planning my next trip.

Many thanks Marek for a great trip, I keep getting drawn back to my editing with all the great shots I got.

Sunshine Photography

Marek is one of the foremost photographers in Ireland at this time and I count myself very lucky to be a contemporary of his. I have been on a workshop with Marek in Northern Ireland when the weather was not kind to us, but Marek was an excellent guide and Instructor. I am constantly inspired by his work, his attitude and his sense of adventure. I hope to have the privilege of future workshops with Marek… a truly genuine photographer whose work I greatly admire.

Mark Taylor

I have been away three times with Marek on phototrips – Moravia, Poland and Northern Ireland’s coast. What you get with Marek – 1) incredible attention to planning details, 2) the benefit of him being a top photographer means he will bring you to the right places – no guessing, 3) he will do anything in his power to make the trip a success and 4) a reasonable guarantee of craic and entertainment and 5) he brings Marek. He is really good company, relaxed and a warm person who will help photographers of any standard. I count him as a really good friend. 100% recommended without hesitation.

Joe Doyle

I have been on 2 trips to Moravia with Marek, the most recent one in April 2018. This time i took a group of friends and fellow camera club members along. From the very minute we arrived in Moravia Marek took over and began to plan our short stay. He took care of everything from transporting us around and scouting the finest locations. Marek’s attention to detail is highly commendable to say the least. Everyone of our group had a fantastic time and made some really fantastic images along the way. We have already had other members book an autumn trip for this year back to Moravia with Marek and others planning to go with him to Norway. Moravia has a special place in my heart and i will most definetly return again with Marek.

Brian McNamee
Clones Photography Group

I’ve been lucky to have participated in to date, three of Marek’s photography trips – one trip to Moravia and two trips to Lofoten. On each trip Marek has displayed a thorough knowledge not only of his chosen location, but the best time and conditions to photograph those locations in. Marek’s energy and enthusiasm is constant throughout the trip and he is continuously thinking of how best to maximise the conditions to help you get the best images possible. Marek will also spend time post processing on the trips and is generous with his knowledge in that regard also. Marek is a good friend, a pleasure to travel with and he is a good cook too. I fully endorse Marek and his workshops.

Lynn Feeney

I have recently returned from my second trip with Marek, this time to Southern Moravia in the Czech Republic. It was a great experience from start to finish. Marek is an excellent host and his knowledge of the region would rival that of any local – if not surpass it!! The weather was a bit cool in the mornings but lovely sunshine most of the day but lovely for September. The landscape in Moravia is a photographers dream with stunning vistas around every corner. We also had the opportunity of visiting Lednice where there is a very impressive Chateau. If you are into wildlife photography there are plenty of deer and hares roaming the hills as well as pheasants, starlings and many birds of prey in the skies.
Marek is extremely generous with imparting his knowledge and skills behind the camera and makes sure you get the most from each session. I would highly recommend going on any workshop with Marek and I hope to go again in the near future.

Aoife Tierney

I went on a trip with Marek and a group from Clones Photography Group to Moravia in April 2018.
What can I say ….From start to finish Marek had all our needs looked after . Hotel, Transport, Food & Beverages Oh Yes And Photography Locations. It was a brilliant trip with Friends made, Knowledge made and Lasting memories made …..Will hope to make it back again or certainly to one of his other trips.

Barry Langan

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