Kingdom of Ice – Greenland

            17th – 23 rd of August 2018    



Greenland, Kingdom of Ice.. Home of the most incredible icebergs in the world. Colorful and friendly local settlements and wild nature ! Dream place for photogprahers,videograpahers and nature lovers..After a long summer where the sun never reach horizon , it first touches the horizon in late July, producing unbelievable light on the bay and its icebergs. This is the perfect timing to set sail among these giants, capturing the arctic night in all its glory. Join award-winning landscape photographer Marek Biegalski  for a 6 days  of sailing and photography in this remote and wonderful part of our world. We will explore region of  Disco bay , photogrpahic  icebergs, mountains and  plenty of  whales on our ways under the midnight sun, and ocasionally getting off the boat to shoot the marvelous coastline in key points. Not to neglect the curious Arctic architecture, we will visit colourfull  settlements and experience the area in depthThe Disko Bay is located on the West coast of Greenland, north of the Arctic Circle. It’s a pure Arcic, and not only because of the biggest icebergs in the world,  also because of wildlife (arctic foxes, musc ox, humpback whales seals…


 Our base will be  Ilulissat, the capital of the Disko Bay Ice Kingdom.. Ilulissat is a small   town with colorful houses, dog sledges around and very friendly people. . Ilulissat (Iceberg)is just few kilometers walk  next to beautiful icefiord, Sermeq Kujalleq glacier is the place where the most giant icebergs in the world are born. Glacier advances for 20 meters per day! Ice production of the glacier  is around 46 cubic kilometers per year ( it is equivalent to U.S. annual water consumption).

The sea is the only one road that connects Greenlandic settlements. There are no highways or roads between settlements. Thats way ,We have charter our private boat for our adventure in Ggeenland.
We will photograph in best lights,morning and evening , taking photos from our  boat. We will sail  among huge icebergs at Icefjord, search  for best compositions and angle.

We  will also visit Greenlandic settlements like Qasigiannguit, Aasiaat, Oqaatsut or Saqqaq.All depend of  weather conditions.
When we make our way to different settlements we also hunt for huge icebergs, as you may find Iceberg-skyscraper only in the open sea. Disko bay is well-known area where humpback whales and seals are feeding. We will spend all day chasing for whales around Assiaat.

Our itinerary will be based on photography during the best light,morning and evening.
The tour is suitable for all levels.Some fittnes requred for port transfers, zodiak landind and  light hiking.

Our adventure will bring you to places where not everyone  can get.Our Captain knows  what photogprahers like :).Thats way ,Hi will help us to reach to the best locations and help us  to get faboulous  photographs.

Dates are 17 th – 23 rd of August 2018

7 days in Arctic and 6 beautiful nights wait for you.

Limited spaces to 6 people.


PRICE   3750 EURO p.p


Included in the price

          •  cabins on our boat 2 sharing
          • All meals breakfast, lunch, dinner
          • Private boat charter
          • Transfers to and from airport
          • Port taxes and fees, fuel
          • Instruction and postprocessing classes in LR.

Not included in the price:

– Airfare to and from Ilulissat airport
–  beverages
– Visas (if applicable)

What to bring

– DSLR camera with tripod and remote shutter release
– A wide angle lens. For example, 14-24 or 17-40.
– A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm
– A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200 mm. 300 mm  -500 mm, are recommended for wildlife and bird photography.

– Waterproof and windproof jacket (consider the average temperature 0 – +10 C at nights and +8 – +15 C during the daytime)
– Waterproof pants
– Warm jacket and thermal pants,warm hats,gloves
– Waterproof shoes,2 pair reccomend