Discover Arctic Light

Discover Arctic Light

photography workshop

Lofoten Island , a photographers paradise, and endless source of inspiration.Rugged coastline, dramatic, fjords rising high out of the water, snowy white sand beach and turquoise water, red and yellow fishing houses on poles over the water, and nights with Aurora borealis to dance over Arctic sky. In March the hours of daylight have increased significantly and the sun highlights landscape of the Lofoten islands. With about 11 hours of dark nights ,are still sufficiently long to enjoy the colourful and enchanting Aurora Borealis lightening up the clear night skies above the snow-capped and icy mountains, rising high out of the Norwegian Sea . Photography at sunsets and sunrises from all directions. The Northern Lights with no light pollution to speak of! Here you can see Aurora Borealis in all its primal glory, dancing all over ,an experience never to forget !:
The weather can change rapidly on Lofoten islands. The contrast between mellow light and the dark skies of passing snow showers add to the fascinating scenery that makes these islands so ideal for landscape photography lovers.

I’m inviting you to visit this fascinating place and discover its many facets for yourselves
What to bring:

Lofoten islands in winter are quite comfortable to visit comparing to all places located above the polar circle. Our adventure will be quite comfortable:Luxury warm houses with hot water and modern communications like broad-band wi-fi. We will move on comfortable mini-van. But still the weater may be windy and chilling. So please bring the following gear and wear to our Lofoten photo-workshop:

• comfortable clothing. Its better to take several items to use as a layers
• waterproof jacket and pants. If it is raining , so the upper layer must be waterproof.
• warm jacket(better to take the synthetic filling: the humidity is quite high)
• waterproof boots: we have lots of sessions along amazing white sends arctic shorelines of Lofoten
• We have lots of sea shooting, even with Northern Aurora. You can hardly get amazing photos without interacting with the sea
• warm gloves (better to take glothes with “touch-screen finger” that will allow you to set up your camera and lenses easily)
• soft protector to kneel. We have to shoot from low points a lot


> Camera manual ESSENTIAL !!!!
• camera equipment (DSLR with manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings and allowing you to use Live View).Please bring extra batteries: they can deplet fast during the night shooting.
• lenses: the most needed lens is 16-35 or 17-40 (fullframe) best for Northern lights are lense with aparature F/2,8.
. You may use ordinary circular or square filters with these lenses. Althought 14 mm (or 14-24 mm) lenses are very useful especially for northern lights shooting.
• headlamp with extra batteries. We should hunt the Northern Aurora at nights, so you need flashlight to move. Although notice that we have “no light polution policy” to be polite for other photographers.
• sturdy tripod that will endure Lofoten winds.
• remote cable shutter release
• laptop for editing with software: Lightroom
• filters. Shooting at the sea means you should properly work with the shutter speed. Filters like ND, polariser.
• chargers, spare CF/SD cards

Our home in Norway is a holiday resort with fishermen’s cabins, in the beautiful western part of Lofoten, nearby Reine. The cabins are renovated and have a patio with outdoor seating, spacious living room, dining area, and a kitchenette with a stove and fridge, refrigerator, electric kettle, coffee maker, kitchenware, oven, and stovetop.


Dates are  3rd – 10 of March 2022

Total price: 2250 Euro per person 

Payment method:  bank transfer

The trip starts in the Evenness Airport on 3th of March 2022 at 19 pm. meeting point at the Airport.

Included in the price:
– All transfers(petrol included)
– Accommodations – single room.  
– Instruction and master classes by a professional guide
– All photographic tuition and workshop materials for the duration of the tour, post-processing classes.

What’s not included

• Airfares

• Travel insurance with emergency evacuation is mandatory as a condition of booking

• Meals.
As a group, we have to be very flexible with meal times. Once we are accommodated in our huts in Lofoten we will buy supplies in the supermarket and cook in the huts.

• Camera/Equipment Insurance

• Optional personal activities

• Alcoholic consumption and extra beverages

• Any other personal expenses.

Fitness level
All shooting locations are easily reachable during 1 to 10 minutes from the car. We might do the little hike on this tour. You must be prepared for winds and cold weather. Some sessions may last up to 3-5hrs

All inquiry:

a edit

Total Price: €2250 Per Person

Deposit Now : €350


Deposit Payment

More than 90 days before the workshop commences a full refund minus 100 EUR admin fee.

Less than 90 days no deposit will be refunded.

Balance Payment is Due 60 Days Before Workshop Commences.

The balance payment is non-refundable. However, if we find someone to take your place we will refund in full minus 10% Admin fee.

*** If we do not have the required numbers to run a given workshop, we reserve the right to cancel up to 60 days in advance. We will refund the deposit, but you must have travel insurance to cover any travel expenses you may incur.

Please email- if you require any further information.