NiSi V6 Review

NiSi V6 Filter Holder+Filters Review

Let me introduce you to the NiSi V6 Filter Holder System. As a landscape photographer filter system is essential to my work, equally important as camera gear. It makes only sense to use a high-quality filter system so we don’t compromise our results. Over the last few weeks have done some tests of that NiSi V6 kit with 3 different filters combined with CPL included, and I’m fully converted now. Let me explain in depth why…


The V6 filter holder is made from aviation-grade aluminium, is lightweight(121 gr.), durable and simply fantastic!. I have only realized that the aluminium build of the filter kit is exactly what I was needed.NiSi has also coated the holder in a matte black frosted finish to minimize reflections and what is important no vignetting, definitely a great achievement here. The V6 holder is 82mm but comes with three steps down rings for 67, 72 and 77mm lenses included. The holder is designed to work with three(adjustable) 100mm filters with slots capable of holding the rectangular graduated neutral density filters.

NiSi are the first to introduce the lens ring to accept the polariser which gave huge advantages, firstly being able to adjust independently of the filter holder, and second, making it completely light sealed.The CPL can be adjusted with the small wheel on the side. The wheel is mirrored on both sides, great for different angles.You don’t need mounting holders just to be able to use Polarizer, and what’s most important light bouncing back into the lens from the rear of the CPL, another WOW here.CPL is a high efficiency (specified as 99.5%), is a super slim filter – in fact, it’s among the thinnest filters I’ve seen , also being treated to water and oil-repellent coating

A new lock system has been integrated into the holder to fix the filters into position, also rotates a full 360-degrees. This lock is a great feature and stops the holder from accidentally moving/falling when you’re taking shots. I need to mention as well that additionally, NiSi has upgraded the lens cap, so it’s easier to fit and remove.


Honestly, it is the first NiSi filter kit I had the opportunity to test and compare to different brands I use in the past. V6 seems to be much more user-friendly,  it has made my shooting a lot easier when on location. Allowing simultaneously mount up to 3 filters along with Polarizer. The V6 worked very similarly to other many brands. The filter holder clips onto the filter ring, allowing remove the holder on and off quickly and lock when you need. The V6  came with an Enhanced CPL.NiSi has used a Nitto polarizing film (which is the best on the market with a polarization efficiency of 99.95%) so you don’t have to worry about strange colour casts. Filters that seats right behind the filter holder, not at the front. CPL is close to the lens, reducing the size of the overall system and reducing vignetting. The V6 refined holder holds down the filters from the sides of the glass and not the front and back. The V6 method of holding the filter is much better for the filters to remain scratch-free and it allows for smoother movement, thanks to gaskets in the filter slots.

Even with this ease of movement, the filters are secure in the holder and gives you the comfort of walk with them still attached to the next location/composition. I switched systems to NiSi V6 for a simple reason. Better crafted products, their functionality, usability and performance. Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate things making our photographers’ lives easier !:)



Graduated Neutral Density Filters are one of my favourite accessories for landscape photography and always sits in my camera bag. The NiSi filter is a quality built glass filter that is made of Nano Coating Technology (making it extremely easy to clean, waterproof and durable) and compared to resin filters I’ve got from other brands, scratches won’t be an issue with this one.

I have received 3 different filters for testing the NiSi V6.

NiSi GND 100x150mm ND16 (1.2) 4 Stop Soft

NiSi Reverse GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Filter 

NiSi 100x100mm Nano IR Neutral Density (ND1000) filter with 10 stop absorption.

As a Canon R5 user and RF mount lenses kit in my camera bag, my goal was to prove is this NiSi glass I  have to choose myself can be a perfect match here. After weeks of testing, I can definitely see improvement in the detail and low colour cast that I’m getting from NiSi glass filters, also  CPL and Grad filter combine together do not show any signs of aberration or vignette. The results are exactly what you would expect. Some photo samples are added for judgment below.

For anyone interested in NiSi products you can find all the information on the products here-

After the shoot and checking through the images on a calibrated monitor and I’m impressed with the  ND16(1.2) and the  GND8 (0.9). Firstly the clarity of the shots with the CPL and Grad loaded show no signs of aberration or vignette. On the ND1000 10 stop filter and again the results are impressive with a slight but not overbearing cast that can be easily corrected. Again little sign of chromatic aberration. The results are exactly what you would expect from a top of range optics if not a little moreThe NiSi filters have quickly become my go-to set for both ease of use exceptional quality.